About Us

Its amazing how simple flashes of light on shoes can create so much joy among our young ones. 

When My 2 year old Elise out grew her Skechers blinking shoes, she was quite sad! So an idea popped up....what about making a set of cute and adorable charms that will light up with every step kids take, and make them removable so you can clip it onto any pair of shoes! Elise loves them so much, she wants a pair on all of her shoes. Soon other parents started asking about these shoe charms, so I started making more, and named them Step Glow.

With so many parents' support and love for Step Glow, we have now grown into a small business.  Each Step Glow is hand assembled right here in America, and will remain that way.  

Bring more fun and spark to your kids' growing journey.  Make Every Step Brilliant!