Q: What kind of shoes can I put Step Glow on?

A: With its patented, secure locking clip, Step Glows can be attached securely to any shoes with shoelaces, shoestrings, or small Velcro straps (<1.5cm width)

 For shoe laces, clipping onto the "x" where two laces cross is recommended.       For velcro straps, slide the clip onto the top strap, and wrap the bottom strap       around it.



Q: How long does the battery in Step Glow last?

A: The battery in each Step Glow will last for at least 250,00 activations, or about 1 years of daily use.   So step away!



 Q: Will Step Glows keep working if it gets wet?

A: The electronic module of Step Glow is a sealed unit.  So dance in rain, play in the stream, and hop away at the beach!