Super Star! Light Up Shoelace Charms

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Flashes with each step!  Put these super cute star shoe charms on any shoes with laces and watch the kids fall in love with them. The characters glow red, blue, and green with each step, or with any gentle tap. Comes in a pair. Personalize your kids' shoes with their favorite characters! 

-Suitable for shoes with laces, strings, or small straps (<1.5cm width)

- No need to undo laces!  Our patented locking clip lets you easily and securely attach charms onto laces

-Built in battery lasts ~250,000 Activations
-Promotes kids to walk, run, and get outside more!
-Easily spot kids in low light places
-Flashes for 3 seconds, then on to the next step!
-Completely waterproof
-Due to small size, not recommended for children under 3 years of age